About Moon Trine & Co

Guided by Stars, Drowsy Dreams & Moonbeams

Moon Trine & Co is  a woman-owned, small independent business based in California, featuring Astrological Calendars, Planners and Journals with ample space for your thoughts, goals, intentions, musings, doodles, spells and wishes.

We aim to create beautiful and useful designs while being mindful of the impact on environment, supporting local business first where possible that hold the highest standards of social, environmental, and community good.

Meet the Founder & Designer

Muñeca Osorio, astrology enthusiast, artist and creative entrepreneur, founded Moon Trine & Co with the intention to be an outlet for her artistic muse-inspired creations in their various forms. Muñeca lives in California on a mini-homestead practicing permaculture, creating designs at dangerouscat.com, singing songs with her husband and nurturing the unfurling of Moon Trine & Co.

A Message From The Founder

Thank you for exploring our website.

Moon Trine & Co is a labor of love. It all started with the simple desire to create an astrology planner-journal for note taking while listening to astrology podcasts I enjoy learning from and for journaling my experience of weekly transits. 

When I was a 13, I discovered my natal chart, much later in 2016 when my Uranus opposition happened, I dove into learning about transits and started observing how they matched up with events I experienced. With the evolution of astrologers using podcasts and videos to educate, it is definitely a wonderful time to learn astrology and use it to enhance your life. You are surely to find it is a rabbit hole with a vast variety of techniques, traditions and applications that give perspective and much to digest.

I look forward to making these calendars and journals each year as well as other creative gift items with the intention that they are useful and are source of enjoyment.

Wishing you the best, in joy and kindness,

Muñeca Osorio