About Moon Trine & Co

Moon Trine & Co is a woman-owned, small independent business based in California, specializing in Astrological Calendars, Planners, and Journals.

We are committed to crafting beautiful and functional designs with a mindful approach to the environment. Whenever possible, we prioritize supporting local businesses that uphold the highest standards of social, environmental, and community well-being.

Meet the Founder & Designer

Muñeca Osorio was born of Salvadorian/Puerto Rican American descent and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an astrology enthusiast, artist, and creative entrepreneur. Muñeca founded Moon Trine & Co with the intention of creating an outlet for muse-inspired creations and useful products for the community. She can be emailed directly through MoonTrine.com or at DangerousCat.com. When not at her desk, she enjoys spending time with her husband, taking walks with her cattle dog, being entertained by her llamas, dwarf goats, guinea fowl and hens, and tending to her garden.

A Message From The Founder

Thank you for exploring our website.

Moon Trine & Co is a labor of love that started in 2019, driven by my desire to create an astrology planner-journal for personal Astrology studies and weekly transit reflections.

For more than 30 years, my fascination with planetary cycles and lunar phases has guided me, leading to reflections on transits that align with my life events. Now, with the advent of podcasts and videos by seasoned astrologers offering diverse perspectives and techniques, it is an exciting time for anyone learning astrology, observing transits as a tool for reflection, to deepen their connection with celestial rhythms.

Each year, as I navigate the journey of running my own business, I am committed to making refinements and improvements to all my offerings. As I continue to create calendars, journals, and unique gift items, your support and feedback are invaluable. My intention is for these offerings to not only prove useful but also be a source of joy for you.

Wishing you continued inspiration and enthusiasm in all your endeavors,

Muñeca Osorio

☉♐, 🌙♋, AC ♒ 11°19′