“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
Maya Angelou

2024 Astrology Calendars & Planners

Align Your Schedule with Celestial Rhythms and Chronicle Your Journey Through Diverse Planetary Influences.

Discover our calendars and planners, featuring monthly overviews of key Astrology aspects, providing details such as date, time, and sign degrees in both symbol and written format – ideal for those new to the symbols. Additionally, find planetary ingress, retrograde, and eclipse dates for the year, along with daily planetary aspects, daily moon sign, and indicated void-of-course times.

Designed with ample space for documenting your year with Astrology notes, you’ll also find blank dotted pages, inviting you to sketch, doodle, and organize. Personalize it with affirmations, mind maps, intention setting, musings, spells, glue in vision board cuttings, add stickers, schedules, goals, and anything else you choose.

Datebook 2024 03 Resized

2024 Wood Dragon Year

Jan 20♇→♒00♒00Pluto Enters Aquarius
Apr 3♀☌♆28♓00Venus Conjunct Neptune
Apr 20♃☌♅21♉49Jupiter Conjunct Uranus
May 23♃⚹♆29♉30
Jupiter Sextile Neptune
May 25♃→♊00♊00Jupiter Enters Gemini
Jun 11♂🞏♇00♉00Mars  Square Pluto
Jul 15♂☌♅01♉45
Mars Conjunct Uranus
Aug 14♂☌♃16♊40Mars Conjunct Jupiter
Sep 1♇R→♑29♑59R Pluto Enters Capricorn
Nov 3♂☍♇29♋45
Mars Opposite Pluto
Nov 19♇→♒00♒00Pluto Enters Aquarius

and much more!

✶•— 2024 —•✶
Astrological Calendars and Planners

Choose from Spiral Bound or Paperback options, with editions for both Eastern Time and Pacific Time. Select the size and type that fits your style.


Mini Chronicle

4.25 x 6.75 Black Ink Interior Pages
Pocket Size Paperback
Pacific or Eastern Time


Weekly Datebook

6 x 9 Full Color Interior Pages
Paperback or Spiral Binding
Pacific or Eastern Time


Wall Calendar

11 x 14 (open) Full Color
Saddle Stitched Paperback
Pacific or Eastern Time


Monthly Planner

8.5 x 11 Full Color Interior Pages
Paperback or Spiral Binding
Pacific or Eastern Time

Our Calendars and Planners Feature

Minimalist layout

Room for notes, mind maps and dreamy doodles

Moon Day

Weeks start on
Moon Day (Monday)


Daily moon sign and void-of-course times indicated

Lunar Details

New moon and full moon details, moon sign shown on each day

Notable Aspects

Planetary Ptolemaic aspects, ingresses and stations listed

Mercury R

Highlighted Mercury Retrograde periods with noted degree points

What’s New

One Tree Planted Per Order

We are excited to have partnered with a new manufacturer who is committed to the environment by participating in carbon offsetting programs and using only paper sourced from FSC-certified suppliers.

Annual Ephemeris

Planner, Datebook, Mini Calendar — and now also the Wall Calender — include ephemeris in the back pages. Planner, Wall Calendar and Datebook include additional data tables for asteroids.