Although at the time of publishing, we have made every effort to insure the information is correct in all our calendar products, sometimes error are missed. This page will include any misprints and their respective corrections for the current calendars.

  1. Footer Note Misprint: In some of the calendars the footer reads “All Aspects in PST, For EST Add 3 hrs, For GMT Add 8 hrs” throughout the entire year. During the daylight savings time months of March 13th through Nov 6th, footer should read “All Aspects in PDT, For EDT Add 3 hrs, For GMT Add 8 hrs”, although the footer note is misprinted, all aspect times during that time are correctly in Pacific Daylight Savings Time and in Pacific Standard Time before and after those dates.
  2. Astrological Mini Calendar: Jan 20, 2022 – aspects details misprinted. Correct aspects are as follows: